Summer Holiday Time!

David Cameron’s antics have been hitting the headlines again this week, but unfortunately for him perhaps, it hasn’t been due to political successes, more due to the holiday he is taking. Rather than jetting off to an exotic foreign location Mr Cameron has opted to spend some quality time in Cornwall, whilst the Prime Minister himself is taking a break in Suffolk.

With major public figures in the country choosing to holiday at home, it throws traditional UK holiday destinations back into the limelight.

This is great news not only for Cornwall, but also Blackpool, Brighton, Southwold and hundreds of other choice destinations. Punch & Judy Shows and donkeys all along the coast must be loving it! Well…perhaps not the donkeys…

Donkeys on the Beach
Image from Flickr: via Deathwaves.

It’s also great news in terms of reducing carbon emissions, as aeroplanes have got to be one of the worst culprits for pumping out CO2. The GoSpain website tells us that a round-trip flight from Heathrow to Madrid generates carbon emissions of 330kg per person, quite a scary figure. The suggested figure by is that it takes 9 trees 10 years to offset one tonne of carbon, so that equates to (…quick mathematical calculations…) almost 30 years for one tree to offset a round trip to Madrid – eek!

There are hundreds of websites on the net with advice of where you can go and what you can do in the UK, but in my opinion, if you’re going to stay put in the (let’s face it!) unpredictable British climes, you’ve got to do it properly, and that means under canvas!

According to the BBC many people around the country agree, as happy campers are flocking to Wales and other British beauty spots with their tents and not-so-reliable primus stoves. I myself (as a glutton for punishment) tend to head further North and indulge in a spot of good quality hardcore Scottish camping, come rain, shine or midges!

If you do choose to camp this summer, and wherever you choose to go, it’s best to be prepared. It’s even better to be prepared with eco-friendly equipment that keeps up the environmentally sound principals which your dedication to UK camping has established. Don’t forget essentials such as buying midge repellant, but there are also lots of other innovative items which you can invest in before a camping trip. Why not try a recycled materials sleeping bag, or give the idea which is my personal favourite a whirl – the solar heated camping showers mean you’ll never need to queue at the shower block again!

Whether you do heed these British holiday recommendations or decide to go abroad (lets be honest – the politicians will be taking more trips this year, and I’m sure those will be to the sun!), it’s always interesting to know what is generally favoured by the masses.

Our friends at Yahoo wanted to know just that, and conducted a small poll of favourite holiday destinations. The result to my mind was rather disappointing, as 78% of the votes opted for a nice long rest in bed rather than fun in the sun. However when I said small poll I wasn’t lying. Only 7 people actually voted. Hmmm…

But ultimately we can all be thankful that we are neither David Cameron nor Gordon Brown as we head off on our holidays. Imagine being required to put down your ice-cream for imprompu press-calls. I certainly wouldn’t want my holiday snaps being broadcast to the world!

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