Renewable energy

Should we be using Renewable Energy Sources?

It’s no secret that fossil fuels are damaging to the environment and will one day run out, so why haven’t we made a switch to renewable energy sources? Of course steps have been made, with solar panels popping up on the roof of many homes in the UK, and wind farms being developed – but it’s just not enough.

You might have solar panels or they might be too expensive for you, but that’s not the only thing you can do to support the development of renewables. There are a few energy companies that have been around for a while but are recently coming into prominence as the public look for alternatives to the big energy companies and global warming becomes a more important issue in our minds.

One such company is Good Energy which was founded by Juliet Davenport in 1999 as a small, green sustainable energy supplier, offering households electricity powered by 100% renewable sources. Good Energy have always been committed to the growth of the renewable energy industry and over the years have been able to build more wind and solar farms along with investing in tidal technology. The company now operates seven solar farms and two wind farms, and this year launched green gas which is totally carbon neutral helping customers run an eco-friendly household.


Another reason to choose renewable energy is that we can produce it right here at home whereas now we source fuel from more than 20 countries and it travels an average of 2,650 miles to reach us. We can remove that dependence on other countries simply by using the power of the sun, wind, water and other natural sources – at the moment renewables only account for 25% of our energy sources.

I recently switched over to an energy supplier that uses renewable sources and honestly it’s not much more expensive – but can we really put a price on protecting our world from the ravages of climate change?

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