Easter Egg recycling

This week the Guardian wrote an interesting post about Sainsbury’s offering dedicated packaging recycling bins. The first facility of its kind, being trialled in 50 stores, this will allow customers to recycle all elements of typical Easter Egg packaging – the foil, plastic, card, film and ribbon. This relies on customers remembering to take their rubbish back to the store next time they visit, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. We’re looking forward to seeing what usage this scheme gets.Delicious Easter chocolate eggs

This got us thinking about reducing the waste needed in the first place – we all know the 3 Rs of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The first step to cutting household waste still going into landfill is to reduce the demand, but with tasty chocolate Easter treats available, not many people want to cut back and deny themselves or the kids! And, indeed, we don’t need to with clever reductions in packaging or bulk buying options for our chocolate needs.

Clever folk like Montezuma’s have come up with the Eco Egg, designed in an entirely biodegradable outer shell which protects the egg and forms the whole package, doing away with the need for an outer box or any plastic covering. Brilliant! (and delicious). Divine’s beautiful Luxury Eggs don’t require the hard outer plastic shell that many eggs come with, which isn’t widely recycled. Plus their cute Easter Egg Hunt Kit comes in a traditional cardboard egg box with the eggs simply wrapped in colourful foil – fun and recyclable!

For those of us who want to minimise the packaging even more, there’s always a few bars of chocolate to tickle the tastebuds and take up less room, and cardboard, than an egg.

Many of Ethical Superstore’s carefully sourced Easter treats are also Fairtrade meaning the growers get paid a fair wage, and we also have organic options meaning no pesticides or nasties getting into your food or the environment. So your chocolate treats this Easter make you feel good in more ways than one!

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