Grow your own oyster mushrooms!

Things just seem to taste so much better if you have grown them yourself, but you don’t need an allotment or lots of land to get in on the fun and grow your own!

Espresso Mushrooms

Yes, you really can grow your own oyster mushrooms!

Just some space on your kitchen table is enough to grow your own, and who would have thought you could grow something as delicious as oyster mushrooms?
If you fancy giving it a go then have a look at the wonderful Espresso Mushroom Kitchen Garden Kit. It couldn’t be easier, just find an airy spot, follow the four simple steps and harvest your own home grown oyster mushrooms in just a couple of weeks!
If you’d like to see what you can really do with them if you’re a better cook than me check out  Pies & Puds on BBC One at 3.45pm on Wednesday 20th November (If you’re reading this after then you should be able to catch the show on iPlayer) where you’ll see Paul Hollywood baking his favourite Mushroom Choux Buns using Espresso Mushrooms!

Paul Hollywood Pies and Puds

Paul meets the Espresso team

If you’re struggling to get your head around the idea of how mushrooms can grow out of a box then have a look at the time lapse video below which shows them growing and just how easy it is to do;

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