Is it too late to go camping?

FACT OF THE DAY: Only 1% of the Earth’s water is suitable for drinking.

With the school holidays over (or nearly over!) we were thinking, is it too late to go camping?? Of course not, now could be the perfect time!

Camping At Loch Ordie © John WatsonIf you don’t have children then this week could be the ideal time, no screaming kids to disrupt the peace 🙂

If you do then it could be a nice treat for them after the traumatic first week back at school after six weeks off (it felt like an eternity at that age!) playing in the sun and climbing trees, or perhaps more realistically spending more of it playing on the Xbox.

And on top of all this, guess what… the weather is even looking good (I just hope I haven’t jinxed it).

So what would you take on your sunny camping trip? Well we have just the things you need to make it the perfect trip, we might not sell tents but we do have all the other camping accessories you need. If you really want to go all out why not try the BioLite Camping Stove, BioLite camping stove with USBwe just got our first delivery of these amazing camping accessories in last week. Not only does the stove let you cook in a clean, safe and clean way you can also charge up all your electrical devices using the energy given off from the stove! There is also no need for charcoal or fuel as you just pick up whatever sticks, twigs and pinecones you can find as fuel like a true outdoor adventurer!

So instead of staying in and watching Saturday night TV you could be out in the wild, going cycling, having a long walk, or just enjoying the fresh air, watching a beautiful sunset and gazing at the stars, you’ll never want to go back to the city.

But if you’ prefer to just sit back and enjoy a traditional British BBQ and a beer we can help you out there too!

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