Green babies

Let’s start the day with a cute picture of a baby.

This is baby Hannah, the new offspring of two very good friends of mine who popped into the world (6lbs 11oz -fact fans!) on Tuesday morning. Being the champion of all things green my better half and I presented the proud parents with their very own New Baby Organic Hamper. Dad was pleased with the organic cotton dinosaur suit (because it wasn’t pink) and Mum liked the look of the Green People Baby Lotion.

Personally, I think that the best thing in the baby hamper is the People Tree Cuddly Bunny. He’s pretty cute, and I think if I was a baby, I’d be pretty happy chewing on his ears, or whatever it is that babies do. He’s made of organic cotton, and is baby safe, unlike Frank the rabbit from Donnie Darko. Don’t go munching on Frank’s ears baby Hannah!


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