5 Things I Won’t Forget To Do in 2011

1) To Turn off Appliances

Fuel prices seem to have rocketed recently, at least in my own experience they have.  Learning from last year’s bills, I’ll be doing everything I can to save electricity and gas this year, not just to live more environmentally responsibly, but to live more frugally too.  Over a year ago we changed our boiler system and radiators to ensure a higher efficiency within the home, and we own an Owl Energy Monitor to keep track of our electricity spendings.  We will be going further by using standby solutions like the Ecobutton and Intellipanels to avoid wasting energy and we’ll be turning off lights, TV’s, radios and computers when we’re not in the room.

2) To Plan Ahead for Presents

2010 was a year riddled with unexpected challenges for deliveries.  We were reminded that we can’t control the weather; from floating ash clouds, to snow and ice grid-locked roads.  I’m far too much of a last minute person myself.  I buy my husbands birthday presents online the week before his birthday on a Sunday, I forget to think about Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays and so on in advance.  I am planning to buy in advance this year and plan way in advance, avoiding problems and upping the chances of a present being delivered on time!  I’ll be placing my orders for Valentine’s Day goodies a few weeks before, just to ensure I receive my order before the next volcano decides to erupt…

3) Sow my Seeds and Plant my Plants on time

Last year I missed the boat!  I had good intentions; I bought bulbs, seeds and plants and seedlings, but only managed to sow a few on time.  This year I intend to catch the sowing season and planting seasons and enjoy a good crop!

4) Put Suncream On Before I go Skiing

Last Spring I went skiing for just one day, a beautiful sunny April day in Aviemore.  My husband and I spent the whole day on the slopes, laughing, skiing, falling over, falling off button ski lifts and so on.  We came down the mountain happy and a bit too hot and drove to our next destination.  Two hours later our faces hurt so much we could hardly talk.  Our cheeks, eyes and noses swelled and turned a memorable shade of beetroot.  It was so painful.  I will not do that again. I hope.

Perhaps I’ll carry Green People After Sun Lotion with me, just in case I do…

5) Keep my Phone Topped Up with Charge

Having upgraded to a smartphone in 2010, I’m beginning to rely on my phone more and more these days, and not only that – but people expect me to respond by text, email, twitter…  Most smartphone owners will agree, you can only guarantee your phone will survive one day with a full charge.  This year I won’t let myself get caught out without battery quite as often as I did last year.  I’ll keep with me handy usb’s, tips and chargers and perhaps even a Solar charger to make use of travelling and camping trips, when I’m far away from an electricity source.  I don’t have an iPhone, so the awesome Mooncharge solar charger isn’t for me, but perhaps I’ll invest in a Freeloader Pro, making sure my camera is never short for battery either…

What did you learn in 2010?  What won’t you be forgetting this year?  Feel free to post your thoughts, resolutions and reflections below!

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  1. Beans says:

    What I know I will definately do in 2011 and not forget is to eat more cacao! Everyone knows and loves chocolates, but most are just now learning how good for us cacao really is! It actually helps mental alertness and feelings of well-being, among many other benefits! Add it to your list of must haves for 2011!

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