Natural & Organic Bath & Body from Organii

There is a lot of debate in the beauty industry about organic cosmetics, and whether they are actually better for your skin. Just as we are told to watch what we eat we are told to watch what we put on our skin as eventually it is going to end up in our body. More often than not, the conversation centres on what is the definition of ‘organic’ rather than whether it’s better for you. Fortunately we now have regulating bodies such as the Soil Association and EcoCert to reassure us of the organic nature of a product or brand – like Organii is certified by EcoCert!


Organii is one of our newest – and jazziest – brands. Producing a wide range of bath, body and skin care every need is catered to. It’s quite obvious from the name that Organii’s products are made with organic ingredients. This means the ingredients are sourced from organic farming which does not use harsh chemicals and pesticides to help them grow. These kinds of chemicals and pesticides are harmful to the environment and can leave residues that might eventually end up on your skin.


The bath & body care is also made with naturally derived ingredients. This means there are less synthetic ingredients and chemicals, and therefore less chance they will end up in your body. We love natural health & beauty because it helps us feel closer to nature and our environment.

Organii’s mission has always been to offer affordable, high quality organic products that everyone can enjoy. They produce a wide range of everyday bathroom essentials such as hand soaps, shower gel, mouthwash and plasters.

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