How to start your natural deodorant detox with Salt of the Earth

How to start your natural deodorant detox with Salt of the Earth

When looking at the ingredient list of any cheap, ‘normal’ mainstream deodorant found on the supermarket shelves, you can find a list of impossible-to-pronounce chemicals. The question is whether we can get the same effectiveness from a deodorant that only has natural ingredients without the use of anti-perspirants.

Salt of the Earth is a family run business.

Here we talk to Thomas Laird, Managing Director or Salt of the Earth natural and vegan deodorants, about how we can detox our armpits by switching to a natural alternative and what the benefits are:

Why should I consider a deo detox?

If you’re looking to reduce the chemical overload on the skin, then considering a switch to a natural deodorant is a good idea. Our bodies are designed to sweat and we should always remember that sweating has an important function in the body: to regulate our body temperature and expel toxins. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we want everyone around us – and ourselves included – to smell our BO wherever we go. After all, we don’t want to trade in our social life for a natural deodorant…

Just like you may consider a better diet that works in line with your body, you may want to try a deodorant that works in harmony with your body’s sweat but doesn’t try to fully suppress it.

The difference between antiperspirant and deodorant

In short, antiperspirants reduce sweating while deodorants reduce and mask odour.

Antiperspirants usually contain aluminum-based chemicals that block sweat pores so that less amount of perspiration reaches your skin. This means that armpits feel drier, which for some people is an important reason for choosing an antiperspirant over a deodorant. However, there is a question mark about whether blocking pores with aluminium based ingredients is good for your overall health long term.

Deodorants on the other hand aim to reduce and mask armpit odour. It’s not the sweat itself that creates a smell, but naturally occurring armpit bacteria that uses sweat as “food”. Deodorants may contain ingredients that make the skin environment less attractive to bacteria, neutralize enzymes that cause bad odour (BO) and/or neutralize odour causing components themselves. as well as fragrant ingredients to mask any sweat smells.

The switch to a natural deodorant

The natural deodorants we create combine 100% natural origin vegan ingredients to help people take control over their sweat without the use of chemicals.

Our Salt of the Earth brand was founded in 1993 and over the last 30 years our family business has worked hard to perfect our formulations and deliver deodorants in different formats – from sticks and sprays to roll-ons – which are a great natural alternative to mainstream, chemical deodorants. As a bonus, they are eco-friendly too!

When you first change to a natural deodorant, you may experience a transition period – which lasts a few days or week/s – where your sweat may smell more than normal. It is believed that this is caused by the unblocking of your pores caused by antiperspirants, and a subsequent expulsion of toxins that may have been building up. This causes your body to go into overdrive for a while, creating more sweaty smells.

Just keep this in mind that this is a normal part of switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. This smelly detox period won’t last for long!

We understand the challenge of transitioning to a natural deodorant and we formulate all our products with these challenges in mind. Aluminium Chloralhydrate free (of course!), our deos have been formulated with a host of hard-working actives; moisturising ingredients, like shea butter and coconut oil, sweat-absorbing agents, arrow root and diatomaceous earth, and antibacterial zinc oxide to help soothe any irritation.

Our products are made in the UK, Cruelty Free (Leaping Bunny approved), Certified Natural origin by COSMOS and approved by the Vegan & Vegetarian Society.

What’s more is that we also aim to be as eco-friendly as possible. As deodorant bottles often end in landfill, we want to change that and for this reason, we offer refill bottles and refill sticks so that the amount of plastic in landfill can be significantly reduced.

As Salt of the Earth offers one of the biggest natural deodorant ranges in Europe, we know that there is going to be a natural deodorant type and fragrance that will be your perfect fit. All you have to do is browse the range, find your perfect natural deo, make the switch and start your armpit detox!

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