Eco Dental Care Alternatives

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in the house where you can make eco-friendly swaps for everyday items, especially when it comes to your dental care routine. Conventional dental care includes a lot of plastic – and not just toothbrushes. Floss is usually made of plastic materials as well as most packaging. We’ve put a guide together to help you choose eco-friendly dental care alternatives.


The most popular eco-friendly toothbrush is one made from Bamboo or other sustainable woods like Beech. For obvious reasons wooden toothbrushes are better than conventional plastic, and it’s always best to look for one made from sustainably grown and sourced materials. Bamboo is a great material because the plant grows at a fast rate using minimal resources.

It can be difficult getting used to a wooden toothbrush after a lifetime of using a plastic one. The good news is you can still choose a toothbrush that minimises plastic. We have a range of toothbrushes made from recycled yoghurt pots, and others with replaceable heads so you don’t need to dispose of the whole toothbrush when it comes to the end of it’s life.


With many eco-friendly and plastic free alternatives to choose from you’ll definitely find the perfect option for you. Toothpaste tablets, like those from ecoLiving and Georganics, are a great alternative. They come in plastic free packaging and each tablet is exactly the right amount you need to use – so you won’t use too much unnecessarily and run out early.

Many natural toothpaste brands are opting to use non-plastic packaging instead of conventional tubes. You’ll find a range of different flavoured toothpastes from brands like Ben & Anna and Georganics that come in a recyclable glass jar. These have the added bonus of looking great on your bathroom counter!


Eco-friendly mouthwash alternatives come in two forms. We have a range of regular liquid mouthwashes from Georganics and Ben & Anna that are packaged in recyclable materials. Georganics also produce a range of mouthwash tablets that just need to be added to water. The tablets come in a glass bottle and you can get refills in a craft box. Mouthwashe tablets are a great sustainable alternative because they don’t contain water which takes up space – that means the manufacturer can transport more using less space. They are also great for travelling because of that reason.


Our floss alternatives include plant based floss from ecoLiving, cornstarch floss from Bambaw and silk floss from Georganics. Dental floss is typically made from nylon derived from crude oil, which is why we offer sustainable alternatives for you to choose, including vegan friendly options.

Let us know what your favourite eco-friendly dental care alternatives below. Have you tried any of our suggestions?

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