Recipe – Blissful Raw Chocolate Protein Shake

Our friends at that protein have wowed us again with another delicious recipe using their fab protein powders. Did you know that many people don’t get enough protein?

One of the main things I’ve learned on my recent fitness escapades is that protein is absolutely essential for lean muscle and general health, and beforehand I wasn’t getting anywhere near what I needed – find out what happens if you don’t get enough.

that protein have a great range of organic vegan-friendly protein powders such as brown rice and raw cacao, and even pumpkin!

We don’t need any excuse to try this recipe, it’s chocolate 😉 Plus this amazing shake is high in protein – essential for fitness, health and muscle repair – as well as fibre and healthy fats to make it a filling and nutritious snack that will keep you going throughout the morning or after a workout. Why not add some fruit and have it for breakfast?

that protein recipe

Stock up for your recipe – we have a range of premium vanilla from Littlepod, organic agave syrup, organic coconut milk from either Biona or Amaizin, and Lucy Bee Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – a brilliant product with a multitude of uses for cooking and skincare, I highly recommend having some at home. Enjoy making your shake, and let us know your recipe ideas!

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