Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder

adunaLast August Peter wrote a great blog about Aduna Baobab, a new natural superfood made from the Baobab tree. It’s rich in nutrients and dries on the branch so there is no processing involved or any need for additives. Aduna has now increased its range of superfoods to include Moringa Superleaf Powder, find out about it here!

The Moringa tree is known as Africa’s ‘Miracle Tree’ because every part of it is valuable , from the seeds used to purify water to the medicinal properties of the bark, roots and flowers along with the amazing nutrient density of the leaves. That’s where the new Aduna Organic Moringa Superleaf powder comes from, it is a raw wholefood made from the naturally dried leaves, harvested before dawn to ensure the nutrients are not damaged by the sun before being washed in purified water and shade-dried in a constant temperature. There is so much care put in to the creation of this superfood to ensure high quality for your use.


But how is this organic superleaf powder best used? Like many I’m not clued up on superfoods and protein powders so I understand if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do with the tub other than stare at it! Luckily I’ve done some research and really the possibilities are endless. Aduna recommends taking two to four teaspoons of Aduna Moringa per day, which you can do easily by making a shake or smoothie, sprinkling it over salads or soups or trying a Moringa inspired recipe.

As a natural multivitamin it is a great alternative to taking tablets, it’s a rich source of protein and has no less than thirteen essential vitamins and minerals at RDA levels. It contains 24 x the amount of iron in spinach, 21 x the amount of calcium in milk and is almost 25% protein. These essential nutrients contribute to energy release, and it’s also high in vitamin A, riboflavin and vitamin E which help maintain healthy skin. Overall it’s just a great product to keep you healthy, and you don’t even need to eat loads! And with a pleasant, earthy, spinachy flavour it’s not a chore to try!

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