McDonald’s to run on Biodiesel?

Here at How Ethical! we’ll be keeping a closer eye on McDonald’s from now on, after their announcement this morning that they are in the process of converting all of their delivery fleet to run on biodiesel, using their abundant supply of used cooking oil.

Over the course of the next year, they plan to convert all 155 of their delivery vehicles, and they estimate that this will save more than 1,650 tonnes of carbon each year.

After moving away from polystyrene packaging, to a biodegradable alternative, this move signals that McDonald’s may be serious about facing up to their environmental responsibility, and it is a move which is sure to be welcomed by those who see big businesses as key in the fight against climate change.

So a tentative thumbs up to McDonald’s – we’ll be watching this one closely.

Thanks to BBC News for the original story.

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