Making Your Own Chocolate

Mayan Magic Chocolate

Mayan Magic Chocolate

We are friends with chocolate here at Ethical Superstore.  How could we not be?  We stock all sorts of chocolate.  Organic chocolate, Vegan Chocolate, Fairtrade Chocolate, Dairy-free chocolate, Soil Association certified organic chocolate and now, arguably the most fun of all – the raw chocolate ingredients – make your own chocolate!

The Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit is both fun and delicious, with all you need to create your own fair trade, vegan and Soil Association certified Organic chocolate.  You can rest assured there’s no nasty content in this chocolate, you add everything yourself.

We aren’t shy to testing our products here, and naturally we couldn’t refuse to trial the Mayan Magic Kit and test the deliciousness for ourselves.  It’s so very simple, I can even remember the steps off by heart.

First, put the cacao in a heatproof bowl.

Heat some water to boiling point in a pan.

Place the heatproof bowl on the pan, above the waterline.

Turn off the heat and allow to melt, stirring sometimes.

Enjoy watching the melted combination slowly drip off the end of a fork or spoon.

Mix in agave syrup bit by bit.  This is really sweet, you can add as much or as little as you like.

Add a preferred flavour if you want to.  This isn’t included in the pack, but we added some vanilla extract to our mix.  You could try adding chopped nuts or peppermint extract.

Mix a little more.

Leave for 2 minutes to cool a little.

Pour the mixture into the mini cupcakes provided and transfer to the fridge to set for 40 minutes.

In love with Mayan Magic

In love with Mayan Magic


We found the chocolate to have a satisfyingly intense flavour and was deliciously fresh tasting.  Mayan Magic is healthier, richer and much more fun than any other chocolate we’ve tried and is definitely recommended as an entertaining activitiy with your friends or children.

I think we’re in love with this chocolate.  We’re so glad that there’s still two packets of make-your-own chocolate left in the box.  The first batch disappeared quite quickly!

Mayan Magic Make Your Own Chocolate

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