Calling all Chocolate Lovers!

As a chocolate lover myself, when I stumbled across a copy of ‘Sweet Dreams: The Story of Green & Black’s’, I had no option – I just had to read it.

                                           Green & Black's

I never would have thought that the story of the development of a business would have been so interesting, but with a front cover that looks like a bar of chocolate, and the words ‘Green & Black’s’ emblazoned across in gold, I still found reading this book an irresistable prospect.

What starts out as an introduction to Craig and Jo, the couple who conceived and developed this internationally recognisable chocolate brand, soon morphs into descriptions of business plans and market analysis. However far from being turgid or overly detailed, the book manages to maintain the personal voice it starts out with, whilst not once loosing the readers’ attention. One device it uses is in-setting the main text with interesting little asides, from recipes for chocolate brownies to memorable words of philosophical wisdom, and from chocolate tasting techniques to facts about growing cocoa beans.

I also particularly enjoyed the parts of the book which they dedicated to describing the trials, tribulation and most importantly triumphs of their fair trade cocoa farmers in Belize, the country which Lonely Planet descibes as ‘so laid back it’s almost comatose’! As someone who has spent quite a lot of time in this wonderful little Central American country, Craig and Jo’s account of this element of their business further opened my eyes to a really interesting part of the world, and how much working with a company which believes in fair trade really has helped the people there.

The book also addresses a couple of popular questions which surround the Green & Black’s brand, namely why is it only the Maya Gold bar which carries the fair trade certification, and what motivated the takeover by Cadburys? I’m not going to give away any of the answers now – but give this book a try, you won’t be disappointed!

This publication should come with a health warning however  – this book is likely to encourage excessive chocolate consumption.

If like me you are unable to resist chocolatey temptations, there is no longer any need to leave the comfort of your armchair to achieve your chocolate hit, as these days you can buy Green & Blacks online. Fantastic.

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