British Sandwich Week

There’s something quintessentially British about sandwiches. The French have their baguettes, and the Italians their focaccia, but I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world that enjoys their sandwiches quite as much as us.

Allegedly named after John Montagu, the 4th earl of Sandwich back in the 1700s, the sandwich is an essential part of many people’s day. Whether you’re swiftly munching one on the move, or enjoying a leisurely picnic on the beach or on a ramble, I defy anyone to claim that they don’t enjoy a sandwich every now and again.

In celebration of this great British institution, this week is British Sandwich Week. The sandwich greats of the UK are being recognised and celebrated all week, and in our opinion, it’s just a really good excuse to eat even more of one of our favourite snacks!

Sandwich Facts:

  • An average of 4.2 sandwiches are eaten at home, per person, every week in Britain
  • The British sandwich market bought ‘on the go’ is currently worth £2.8 billion
  • People in Yorkshire spend the most on sandwiches – an average of over £114 a year
  • Including both bought and homemade sandwiches, UK consumers are currently consuming nearly 11 billion sandwiches per year
  • The UK’s favourite sandwich is the Chicken Salad Sandwich

If you’re a fan of your sandwiches, and you’re looking for new and exciting or unusual fillings, look no further. We’re a big fan of the organic, vegetarian Tartex spreads, and our selection of pâtés is sure to tickle the taste buds!

The sandwich pictured is apparently an avocado and pasta sandwich… An unusual choice! What’s your favourite filling?

Thanks to Sandwich Trivia & Facts for our sandwich facts.

Photo via Flickr: sweetonveg

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