Thought Clothing, the new name for Braintree

Introducing ‘Thought’ the new name for Braintree Clothing

Thought Clothing, the new name for BraintreeSince Ethical Superstore opened in 2006 we have always wanted to work with suppliers who care about more than just their own profits. Whilst in the fashion industry there are many horror stories of exploitation , clothes made cheaply, fast fashion but there are a few companies who stand out who stand for something different. Braintree Clothing are one of these companies, who are proud supporters of ‘slow’ fashion rather than ‘fast’ fashion which is why every piece of their clothing is designed to last and become a wardrobe favourite. These values very much fit with ours at Ethical Superstore so we have enjoyed promoting Braintree thoughtful Clothing over the years but as fashion evolves so is Braintree who are changing their name to ‘Thought’ It’s a name that fits with their philosophy and what they do.
With many cheap fast fashion brands there is little thought put into the process, just the end result and how cheap it can be. Thought take a much better approach to their activity;

Braintree Thought ClothingThoughtful Fabrics – Thought work with natural, organic and recycled fabrics, it takes more time to do this but this time is well spent helping reduce the impact on the planet. It all started with hemp fabric, with it’s beautiful textural finish and the ability to soften after each wear but they have expanded their collection including new innovative fabrics such as tencel and modal which come from sustainably grown trees.
Thoughtful Supply – Most clothing companies  don’t like to talk of their supply chain, perhaps not even knowing where materials are coming from and who is working on them but Thought ensure the whole process is sustainable and ethical. Fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton are all sourced from sustainable sources, making their clothes all in one place helps keep the environmental footprint down.
Thoughtful Design – Thought clothing embraces the idea of slow fashion, they design clothes to become classics that you’d want to wear for years to come.

To celebrate the change from Braintree to Thought we the new Spring/Summer range will be launching soon so be sure to visit the Thought Clothing page to see the latest beautiful fashion from Thought.

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