Small Changes, Big Difference

OrganicSeptemberIt’s Organic September, a month long celebration right here in the UK of all things organic. I’d like to take some time to talk about why going organic is better for you, and why it is great for our planet, and how the Soil Association is encouraging us this month to make small changes in our everyday lives that can make a huge difference in the long term.

Organic September is a campaign organised by the Soil Association to encourage everyone to buy more organic food, fashion and beauty products to create a demand for more organic products which really are much better for our environment. Since there are no harmful pesticides or chemicals used to help crops grow, there are no harmful toxins released into the air or absorbed into the soil which can kill wildlife and are especially harmful to bees. Rather than using chemicals, organic farmers use composted farm manure and green waste to encourage crops to grow, along with establishing crop rotations as different crops put in and take out different nutrients from the soil, and they also encourage hedgerows, windbreaks and smaller fields to reduce problems of soil erosion. Soil_Association_Logo

Eating organic is really good for you too because there is no chemical residue and no genetically modified ingredients. But it’s not only food that can be certified organic, you can buy clothes made with organic cotton and beauty products made with organically grown ingredients. Again this means there are no harmful residues left over from insecticides that can be absorbed by your skin.

So this month the Soil Association wants you to make at least one small change, maybe switch something in your weekly shop to the organic equivalent, or try out an amazing organic beauty product. Remember that just because a product isn’t certified organic by the Soil Association the company isn’t lying when it says it’s organic, the certification process can be costly and small businesses simply can’t afford it! We have a huge amount of organic and Soil Association Certified products on offer for you to try right here, let us know your favourites and what small change you plan to make this month

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