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How to Reduce Your Office’s Carbon Footprint

Do you have an energy-efficient office? Taking small steps to reduce your carbon footprint at the office can make a big difference to the health of the planet. Here, we’ll show you how to reduce your office’s environmental impact to start making a positive change for future generations.

Take public transport or car share

Reduce your carbon footprint at work by commuting via public transportation. If it’s too difficult for you to travel by bus or train, you could car share with one or two of your colleagues. If you live close to work, you may prefer to walk or commute by bicycle. This has a positive impact on the planet as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, as well as helping to decrease air pollution.

Consider how you eat

By taking your lunch to work, you’re not only going to be saving money but you’re also more likely to use eco-friendly options. You’ll reduce waste by replacing one-use plastics like bottled water (a reusable bottle is just as easy!) or a takeaway sandwich wrapper. Additionally, you’ll reduce your environmental impact further by going meat-free. Did you know that vegetarians save over 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year in contrast to those who eat meat?

Use a laptop

Save energy by using a laptop. These are over 80% more energy-efficient than a desktop computer. You can save even more energy by switching to power-saving mode when you’re not using it. Just remember to turn your laptop off at the end of your working day.

Keep printing to a minimum

Paper is one of the most wasted resources. You can effectively reduce your carbon footprint by keeping printing to an absolute minimum. If you do print, ensure it’s double-sided to cut the amount of paper you use. Additionally, you can opt for printer/scanner/copier all-in-one equipment to reduce energy rather than utilising three individual machines. Make sure that all paper is recycled – your facilities management team should be responsible for arranging this.

Work from home

Working from home is extremely environmentally friendly as it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the daily commute, as well as decreasing energy from heating or air-conditioning units inside the office. These days, it’s relatively easy for an office to work remotely, particularly since the introduction of video or online calling. If you need to be in the office still, see if you can work from home once or twice a week.

Install solar panels

Solar energy produces clean, sustainable electricity for your office. Energy is also produced without having a negative impact on the planet like greenhouse gases. If you can’t afford to install solar panels or you’re renting your office building, consider using energy from a green energy company instead.

Reduce waste

Many businesses use disposable coffee cups, plates and cutlery. Instead of these, opt for ceramic mugs and plates instead. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste you’re contributing to. You can also use organic, fair trade beverages in your office, as well as using water filter jugs instead of bottled water.

Use natural lighting as much as possible

Natural light saves energy, as well as improving sleep and minimising the risks of headaches. You may be able to utilise more natural lighting by considering the layout of your office. For example, see if you can move workstations closer to windows. If you have to use lighting, opt for LED which is more energy-efficient. It will also reduce office costs in the process.

Reuse and recycle

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint at the office is to reuse and recycle. Ensure recycling becomes an active habit within your workplace. If you’re in charge of office purchases, consider buying second-hand or refurbished options rather than new ones. The manufacture of new goods significantly contributes to a higher carbon footprint. You can also purchase recycled paper too to become more eco-friendly.

Reduce your carbon footprint at work

Taking the first steps to reduce your carbon footprint at the office can inspire your co-workers to make an energy-efficient office. If you begin to reduce your office’s environmental impact, you’ll likely find that not only does it have a positive impact on the planet, it also benefits the efficiency of your workplace too. By following our helpful tips, you’ll be able to have an advantageous impact on the environment, especially if you get your colleagues to join you!

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