Behind The Scenes Of Comic Relief

Ethical Superstore Staff Wearing Something Funny For Money

At Ethical Superstore we are passionate about supporting good causes, trying to tackle injustices, and doing our bit to make the world a better place. That’s why, where ever possible, we endeavour to stock products that can back up their claims; whether through accreditation like the Fairtrade Label or an endorsement by the Soil Association.

Ethical Superstore have been donating £1 for every order placed by our customer community this week to Comic Relief (we’ve raised over £700 so far!), and our staff have felt compelled to get involved.

Red Nose Cake

That’s why when Red Nose Day was on the horizon we set about making our own contribution to the day that it often remembered for slapstick comedy, over-sized noses and fancy dress. We’re not one’s to break with convention on this one, so we all donned our finest 80’s gear and Red Noses, tucked into some home made party food, and took part in a couple of quizzes all in the name of a good cause.

There was no place for any Mitchell & Webb style Flashdance routines (despite Vic’s outfit!) but we did all share Comic Relief’s vision which is ‘a just world free from poverty’.

However, what’s the story behind the headlines? Where does your money go? And what happens when the cameras stop rolling?

Well, the money goes to help people in need both at home and abroad. Issues that Comic Relief helps to tackle in the UK include Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Young Carers, Community Programmes, and help for Older People.

Issues further afield that benefit from all the money raised include treatment and awareness of HIV/AIDS, helping people affected by conflict, Trade, Urban Slums, and Child Labour.

You can make a difference by pledging your cash today and helping Comic Relief raise as much as possible to help those most in need. Why not get yourself some Dubble Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Mini Red Noses (the manufacturer will donate 10% of each sale to Comic Relief!) or buy someone a Divine Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg this year.

Dubble Red Nose Day Supporter Pack

It doesn’t all stop after Red Nose Day though; Comic Relief works hard throughout the year to relieve people from poverty, to stamp out discrimination, to address neglect, and to help people overcome their own suffering and fears.

You too can get involved all year round by buying a Dubble bar instead of your regular indulgence and contributing a little of what you can spare, to go towards those who have nothing to give but their thanks. Not only does a donation go to Comic Relief, but the producers of the cocoa receive a Fair Deal as well as a percentage of profits as they are co-owners of the company; making this a great working co-operative for all involved.

Have a look at the Flickr page to see the rest of the staff in their GladRags.

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