Ambidextrous Chocolate Range Aims to Cut Accidents

Whether it’s simply an ‘urban myth’ or simply a popular but unsubstantiated statistic, the fact remains there are numerous claims that over 2500 left handed people are killed each year from using products designed for right handed people.

These same sources claim that it’s fairly common knowledge that left handed people do not live as long as right handed people, mostly due to accidents. Even if you look at a simple tool, like scissors, they have to be used in a less than efficient way in order to make them work. So a task that might be usually considered safe may become extremely unsafe.

Here at Ethical Superstore we’re passionately committed to providing the widest range of ethical products to the widest range of consumers.  So we’re proud to announce that we have worked with all our chocolate producers to compile a ‘safe list’ of chocolate products which not only meet strict ethical criteria such as Fairtrade, Organic and Vegan criteria but are completely ambidextrous.

Click here to view our full range of ambidextrous chocolate bars.

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