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Ugly Betty with our Candy Wrapper Bag

Ugly Betty with our Candy Wrapper Bag – now that is what I call style

This is the first Friday for some time when I can really relax. You see I have a guilty secret that until two weeks ago I indulged in every Friday night. I have been worried for weeks that someone will ask me what I did on Friday night. I didn’t want to lie, but I wasn’t sure I could admit to my Friday night viewing habit. You see I am a big fan of Ugly Betty. And fortunately now the series has finished my secret is safe until season 4 begins. (That’s as long as you keep this between you and me…)

I’m not in Channel 4’s Ugly Betty “target demographic” nor do a care much about New York’s high fashion industry (probably not very ethical fashion!) – but I do love Ugly Betty. It could be that I was lured into in the first series by the mild mannered man of wood Alan Dale (better known as Jim from Neighbours for all those who were students in the 1980s). Whatever it was I have become an avid fan.

But my secret became a little less guilty in series 3 when Betty got a new bag. Not just any bag but a recycled packaging bag from (and I’m guessing) the Philippines. Every episode she was seen carrying the bag to and from work. Even better is that we sell this exact same bag.

The Woven Candy Wrapper Shopping Bag (from now on known internally as the Ugly Betty bag) is made from strips of waste packaging and looks fantastic. It is manufactured by a womens’ cooperative group in Manila called Doy Bags. At less than £20 this has to be the cheapest style icon of the year. If only I had shirt like Mark for it to go with….

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