Herbfarmacy to the Rescue for Dry Winter Skin

Winter weather causing you grief?  Do you have chapped hands and face from harsh winds and plummeting temperatures?

Fear not, natural and organic skincare company, Herbfarmacy will come to the rescue – with their luscious range of herb-based products, all homegrown here in the UK!

Based in Herefordshire on the Welsh border, ingredients used in Herbfarmacy recipes are grown locally on the farm and the surrounding area.  Each herb is especially selected by the leading botanist at Herbfarmacy, Dr. Paul Richards and is chosen for its moisturising and nourishing properties.  Some of the fine herbs and roots you might find in these lovely products include:

  • Marshmallow – Herbfarmacy’s signature herb – known for it’s soothing, protective and moisturising properties.
  • Calendula – a conditioner for irritated or sensitive skin.
  • Hypericum – known as St John’s Wort, which can be used to soothe aches and inflammation.

Nearly all ingredients in Herbfarmacy products are from organic Soil Association certified crops, which are then combined in small batches on site at their farm and then sold and packaged to us here!

We’ve picked a few of our favourite products to nourish skin during these chilly months.  Here’s what we and Herbfarmacy recommend:

Dry Hands? Try Herbfarmacy Nourishing Body Oil and let it seep deep into your skin, nourishing and soothing it with Evening Primrose, Hempseed, Marshmallow and Calendula.  It doubles up as an organic massage oil, too, for an added bonus!

Tired Feet? Try Herbfarmacy Luxury Foot Cream and allow it to soothe and restore your feet whilst you enjoy the uplifting fragrances of spearmint and lavender essential oils.

Sore Lips? Try Herbfarmacy Lip Conditioner to soothe and soften.  Enjoy the sensation of conditioned lips, infused with marshmallow and vanilla oil.

Dry Face? Try using Herbfarmacy Rose Oil, as recommended by the founder, Dr Paul Richards for rehydration.  The oil soaks deep into the skin, enriching, nurturing and providing much needed moisture.

We all know, there’s more to glowing Winter skin than using the right products.  Herbfarmacy recommend drinking plenty of water, leading a balanced lifestyle, cutting back on alcohol and attempting to de-stress.  “Our emotions have a powerful impact on our skin”, says Dr Paul, and self medication such as using tinctures can help to improve inner wellbeing.

Follow these tips and before you know it, it will be Summer and your skin will already be glowing, rehydrated and full of the goodness and nutrients invested over Winter.

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