Change Your World!

Our good friends at Sustrans are running launched their ‘Change Your World‘ campaign this month. Designed to encourage us all to get out of our cars and travel by more eco-friendly modes of transport, ‘Change Your World’ is totting up all of the miles which have been saved on their website, keeping a tally of everybodys’ achievements.

Vickie Robertson from Sustrans shares her vision with us:

“Sustrans is a charity on a mission to enable us all to travel by foot, bike and public transport for more of the journeys we make every day. That’s just what Change Your World is all about. Visit the campaign website and pledge a local journey by foot, bike or public transport so, together, we can clock up enough miles to travel around the world by 4 July – all 24,900 miles!

“If we all made more journeys without the car, we would enjoy healthier journeys, cleaner air, quieter roads and better spaces to move through and live in.

“By pledging, not only will you be participating in a great campaign which shows that by each taking a small step, we can work together to make a big difference, but there’s also the chance to win some great prizes from Center Parcs, Riverford and Lush.

“Once you have pledged, you can also tell the Government that you want them to act too – to make the right decisions now and invest more in making it easier for everyone to travel in ways that are good for our health and the environment.

“I’m in a fortunate position that I am able to cycle to work and back every day along the traffic-free Bristol to Bath railway path, the first route of its kind that was built by Sustrans. For Change Your World, as well as pledging my journey, I’ll definitely be sending an email to my local MP to let them know that I think it’s a priority that more people have easier access to more sustainable methods of transport for their everyday journeys.

“Pledge your journey now at”

Thanks Vickie!

If you’re planning to change your journeys to foot, bike, or public transport, we’d love to hear about it too!

Image via Flickr: amandabhslater

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