Top ways in which you can make your garden perfect for birds

It is so important to support our wildlife particularly from the comfort of our own homes and gardens. We can use our gardens to produce food and shelter which is better than shipping everything in from a distant field making it great for your carbon footprint.

When it comes to birds, many of us may feed the birds from our gardens but there is also much more that we can do!


Planting sunflowers is one of the easiest and best ways to provide food for birds in your garden; it is also a great activity to get children involved in. Sunflowers make a great addition to your wildlife-friendly garden. Bees and butterflies love the nectar and will feed on the flowers when they’re in full bloom. Birds such as Greenfinches and Goldfinches will also feed on the nodding, drying seed heads.

When it comes to growing sunflowers there are many different varieties to choose from. You should sow your seeds directly into the ground in late April or early May. Additionally, you can sow them into pots in late March/early April to keep them safe from slugs and snails until they’re ready to be planted which will also give the plants a head start. As your sunflowers grow, you may need to tie them to canes to stop them blowing over. You should also keep them well-watered through summer.

Create a shallow ditch

Many gardens are flat but by adding a shallow ditch to your garden you can create a wide variety of homes for nature. A shallow ditch will mimic natural features and will invite birds and other wildlife into your garden.

Bird Feeders

This is a one that most of us probably do. Having a range of bird feeders throughout your garden carrying a variety of food will attract a range of different birds. This will also benefit you as you will be able to watch and appreciate the colours and behaviours of birds as they come to feed. You will probably see faster results if you set up your bird feeders during the winter. Bird houses are also a great way to invite birds to nest in your garden.

Take a look a these bird houses here and here

Hold off to clear your garden

When summer comes to an end you may want to resist the urge to clear and tidy up your garden. Seed heads can be extremely beneficial for birds and wildlife at a time of year where it is slightly harder for them to find food. These seed heads will allow birds to eke out the seeds, while hiding in the stems. Seed heads may also contain a wealth of insects (and their eggs) and larvae.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree can have several benefits! Trees offer song perches, nesting sites, safe retreats, blossom, foliage, and highways in the sky. They are also great sources of food and shelter for an array of wildlife. Not only that, but trees also help to store carbon which helps to combat climate change. The more trees the better!

Grow a wildflower meadow

By creating an area of wildflowers in your garden this will provide a feeding and nesting ground for insects, birds, and small animals. The variety of flowers and grass will provide an attractive feature to an array of wildlife.

No matter how big or small your garden is there are things you can do to protect and feed wildlife which will truly make a difference.

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