Is Our New Prince In Eco Nappies?

So the Duke of Cambridge has spoken rather candidly to CNN about the joys of being a new father.  The broken sleep, the crying, the whinging, the screaming, not to mention the noise the baby will be making in the background.i.0.prince-george-royal-baby

The Royal baby will clearly have the best of the best in terms of everything a baby needs but will the young Prince be raised to be ecologically aware?  We believe that it begins with nappies.

It’s difficult to understand how the Royals go about stocking their nursery.  Does each nappy require individual scanning or clearance by MI5?  Or do they fill their boots with as much free stuff as they can as companies flock to equip them with their brand?  Either way, I hope the Duke and Duchess are thinking hard about the impact that our future King will have on the environment with his Royal bodily functions.

If it were up to us, we’d recommend Moltex.  Launching their first trapeze-style nappy in 1961 under the Moltex label, by 1991, they had developed their first Eco nappies.  Since then, Moltex have become a very well known face (or should I say bum) of eco babies.  With outstanding moisture protection, optimum freedom of movement, a perfect fit and a fair price-performance ratio, Moltex should be, in our opinion, the Royal nappy of choice to protect our young Prince’s behind, whilst taking care of nature too.  I used Moltex when my little (now 4 year old) girl was a baby.  She’d wear them through the night and I don’t remember ever having leaks other horrors to contend with.  The fact they biodegrade  in as little as 8 weeks is a bonus given that they perform as well as, if not better than, many larger brands.

As we all know, nappies are just the tip of the babycare iceberg.  His Royal Highness will also need to be dealt with using wipes (a must for any new parent…believe me!), doused with baby lotions and balms and of course, clothedLittle Green Radicals have quite recently brought out their bodycare range  – dedicated to babies and young children – and eco baby favourites Beaming Baby always hit the spot if you’re looking for organic baby body care.

We’re just hoping that, whatever the future King may be treated to, he’ll be treated to an eco childhood.

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  1. Dan says:

    Moltex were better when they were made unbleached. Once they changed the nappies and bleached them, there wasn’t a lot to distinguish them from other brands like “Nature Boy and Girl” which are available locally. I gave up buying them at this point.

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