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Pick up your order with DPD Pickup

DPD PIckupIf you’ve shopped recently you may have noticed a nice shiny new DPD Pickup option available! We are always keen to make sure everything is made as easy as possible to order from us and get your lovely ethical products with the least amount of hassle.
We know everyday modern life is complicated and you don’t always know if you are going to be home to accept a delivery or you can’t get orders delivered to work. From customer feedback we’ve been hearing that you’d like more options to suit you and fit around what you are doing rather than having to arrange your life around when your parcel is going to arrive, shopping online is supposed to be easier after all!
This is why we have introduced DPD Pickup, this great service enables you to have your orders sent to a local convenient DPD Pickup Shop. You can now pick up your order from one of thousands of stores across the country and use DPD’s handy Shop Finder to locate your nearest store where your order will be sent to.

DPD Pickup map
So if you can’t be at home when your order is going to arrive you can simply select the DPD Pickup option in the checkout so there is no need to worry, you’ll even have your order at your chosen Pickup Shop the next day before noon the next working day! (if you get your order in before 2pm Monday to Friday).

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  • Celtic Heart

    Routes are based on as the crow flies. Nearest pick up point is a 1 hour bus ride {x 2 return} and a half mile walk carrying a heavy box home. Not so convenient or handy. #musttryharder

    • Hi, DPD are currently adding more and more locations on this so hopefully more people will have a convenient location. We added this feature to be another option to give customers more flexibility so it won’t be ideal for everyone, but so far we’ve had some great feedback for example from customers who are not at home most days so can’t be around to accept the parcel or use a pick up point near their work. The Pick Up Points are in existing shops and stores so naturally areas with more local stores are more likely to have nearby and this will only improve as more store sign up to the service.

  • Eva Schwanner-Housman

    I got deliveries from DPD: always late and when you ask them a question about a package you are waiting for they never reply….. I avoid them whenever I can.

  • Stephen Mann

    Why do people use this bunch the customer service this so poor they delivery on what you have bought and to cap it you can’t even talk to somebody they are a joke pass it on

  • Stephen Mann

    they can’t track their drivers so you have no idea when or if they turn up. They could be on the golf course as far as they know