The Green Office Week Top 5

Here at the Ethical Superstore offices we always try to think eco. Our light bulbs are all energy saving, our staff kitchen boasts an Eco Kettle, and we recycle all of the paper and card that we can get our hands on.

However sometimes thinking green isn’t as easy as it sounds. At one time or another, all of us have been guilty of leaving a light or two on when it wasn’t needed. That’s why Green Office Week (26th-30th April) is such a great idea – it’s a chance to focus on what’s important, and to get your colleagues on board.

The Green Office Week website has set out a step by step guide to thinking green during the week, but here is the EthicalSuperstore’s own Top Five easy ways to green up your office next week.


Turn your computer and all surrounding peripherals off. Leaving your computer on when it’s not needed overnight or over the weekend uses up masses of energy, adding to electricity bills as well as your carbon footprint. If you find it hard to remember to turn off all of the bits and bobs around your computer, the Intellipanel is a must – it does the hard work of remembering for you!


Recycle. This has got to be one of the easiest ideas in theory, but in practice, it’s easy to forget and chuck that waste paper in the bin. So pop a Paper Recycling Bin in your office, and a Stackable Recycling Bin or two in your canteen or office kitchen, and then glass, cans and cardboard can be recycled too.


Green up your stationery cupboard. Our favourite eco-friendly stationery has got to be Remarkable. Who else makes notebooks out of car tyres and pencils out of paper cups?


Make your kitchen more eco. The Eco Kettle tops the kitchen eco-gadget charts, but why stop there? Choose an energy efficient toaster too, and you’ll be saving even more.


Keep yourself and your colleagues aware of how much energy you consume. Installing an energy monitor is a great way to make sure people turn off what they don’t need. If you can see the direct effect of having the kettle on, or turning your desk fan off, then you’re much more likely to think green!

Download your Green Office Week resource pack to promote Green Office Week to your colleagues, and if you’ve got any more tips please do share them!

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