Limited Edition Fairtrade & Organic Coffee from Cafédirect

Are you a lover of coffee? Would you call yourself a coffee connoisseur? If the answers are yes than maybe it’s time to try our Limited Edition coffee from Cafédirect. With each delivery we receive from Cafédirect, the speciality coffee will be different so it’s almost like being part of a coffee club, but you can choose whether or not you really want to try that particular coffee! Cafédirect choose only the best speciality grade coffee for you to taste, and it won’t be mass produced but rather harvested by hand then freshly roasted in the UK to capture the superb flavours.

322778-cafedirect-limited-edition-coffee-9Our current limited edition Fairtrade & organic coffee from Cafédirect is the Sumatra Gayo Megah Berseri, produced by the Jagong and Gegarang village co-ops of the Cooperative Gayo Megah Berseri. Read more about this delicious coffee here.

Cafédirect were the first to bring Fairtrade Certified coffee to the UK, such a big milestone for the coffee trade. The Fairtrade mark ensures growers in developing countries are not exploited and instead given a fair price for what they produce, along with a Fairtrade premium which often helps support community projects. Cafédirect buys tea, coffee and cocoa direct from small farmers, many of whom own shares in the business, so they know exactly where the produce comes from and can ensure strong relationships with producers.

Not only does the company have strong principles when it comes to social responsibility, they are also always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly such as introducing recyclable packaging where possible – and looking in to new packaging ideas for that which isn’t – along with helping farmers develop new, eco-friendly processes.

For truly ethical tea, coffee and coco, look no further than Cafédirect!

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