The Perfect Mother’s Day

For many of us – if not most – our mum is our world and on Sunday 26th we get to show them and the world just how much our mum means to us. Whether you’ve bought a huge expensive gift, or a little something you know she loves, this Mother’s Day should be about spending time with your mum because that’s what she’ll appreciate the most.


Whether you’re just going to her house for a visit, or taking her out for the day, the important thing is to show up! Don’t make excuses – and don’t be late! Make her a cup of tea, tidy up after yourself, don’t expect anything from her – and don’t spend all day glued to your smartphone, give her all of the attention she deserves from you.


Not everyone can visit their mum, she might be half a world away from you so a phone call will suffice. Whether it’s a simple ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ phone call, or a longer chat, make sure you talk to her at some point on the day.

Look at Photos

Let’s be honest, we all love looking at baby pictures no matter how embarrassing they may be. Looking through them with your mum is a great way to just spend time together and reminisce about when you were a child, thinking back to all those family memories. If you have your own children now it’s also great to show them what you were like when you were there age – a great activity for the whole family.

Make her Dinner

Show your mum how much you really love her by making her favourite meal (perfected beforehand of course), or take her out to her favourite restaurant. Clean up after yourself, wash the dishes, tidy up in the kitchen especially if you are at her house.

These are only a few of the many things you can do for your mum this Mother’s Day, alongside showering her with love and gifts and making her feel the appreciation she absolutely deserves! And don’t just save it all for Mother’s Day – show your mum how much you love her every day of the year!

Let us know your Mother’s Day plans in the comments below!

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