Planned, Did – Now For The Review!

Applying Plan Do Review (ask any Primary age child for an explanation) to Christmas, I am now at the review stage. I planned with much thought, did with much effort and come to review without an ounce of either thought or effort left in my body. Such is the joy of January.

So how did I do with my ethical gifts? The jewellery elicited the most positive responses; the reactions to the stationery were more restrained. The champagne gift set was the greatest hit; the candles received the worst comment – “Not more bloody candles.” (Joint presents are always likely to please one partner more than the other.) I even managed to get away with a little regifiting, although my conscience is getting harder to ignore each time that I do it.

As for waste, our success was marked by the fact that there was still space in the bin on collection day. There has already been a trip to the recycling centre, the cards have been cut up for tags next year and the gift bags folded and stowed away for re-use. Result.

And did I indulge without over-indulging? The jury’s out on that one. I certainly shopped sensibly and ethically, but the scales tell a different story. I guess we spent a lot of time enjoying the hospitality of others – possibly over-enjoying! My favourite food moment of the festive season? – a Village Bakery organic mince pie with a cup of fair trade filter coffee. Mmmmmm….

So did I achieve less guilt, less stress this Christmas? On some levels. The kids have gone back to school feeling that they have had a good Christmas and I feel we made good choices. The house is not cluttered with toys that will never be played with.

But it was not a perfect Christmas.

Didn’t I say before the event that I had given up on the idea of a perfect Christmas? I was lying. But then there’s always next year…

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