Robyn’s Christmas Letter

Dear Santa…

My Name Is Robyn Trainer, But you can call me Shoe if you want to.  (Everyone else does)

I’ve been a good girl this year because I’ve suffered abuse from Jim, Jo and John in the office all year and I’ve not retaliated one bit. (Well apart from when I used my wheelie desk chair to trip them up and stuck post-its on their backs.)
I’ve also faithfully made cups of tea for colleagues on a regular basis and even stretched as far as to make coffee too

This is what I would like for Christmas:

1) I would like the Checked Doggy Doorstop, because he’s very cute, and would look wonderful keeping watch of the doors in my house.

2) And I would like the Dangly Frog, he just makes me want to smile. Look at his happy little face!

3) I’d also like the Recycled Post it Notes, because I’ve run out because I used all mine sticking abusive notes on Jim and Jo’s backs.

Oh and Just One More Thing…

If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be for it to snow and for us all to go sledging.

Whilst listening to my favourite song, which is All I want for Christmas is you.

When You Come to Visit

The best way to get to my house is Past the Cathedral, take a left, pass the castle, keep going up the hill and take a right. My house is the one on the end of the terrace with the flowers in the garden and the rabbits in the hutch. Alternatively, if you want to land on the roof, mine’s the ones with a few slates missing and smoke coming from the chimney.

But Make Sure You’re Careful Of The neighbours. They’re simply frightful… 😉

When you visit, I promise I’ll leave you out a mince pie and a glass of sherry.

And I’ll leave Rudolph a carrot.

With Lots of Love

From Robyn x

P.S. I like your hat.

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