vegan chocolate mousse recipe

The easiest chocolate mousse recipe!

This amazingly rich, super simple chocolate mousse is suitable for vegetarians and vegans too, making it perfect for a dinner party or a quick go-to for gatherings. Using light silken tofu to thicken, it also adds protein and makes a much healthier treat…

Makes 6 servings

500g silken tofu
100g dark chocolate*
100g dairy-free ‘milk’ chocolate (Or if you prefer a richer mousse, just use 200g of dark chocolate instead.)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Optional: Icing sugar, berries or fruit to serve.

Melt the two chocolates together over hot water. In a blender, puree the tofu until it’s smooth. Add the melted chocolate and vanilla essence and blend thoroughly. Pour the mixture into six individual dessert bowls and chill. Serve plain, or dust with a little icing sugar on top. This would also work amazingly well with flavoured chocolate (orange or mint, anyone?) or served with berries or a hot compote.

*Many dark chocolates are suitable for vegans, although some aren’t certified. Check labels to ensure they don’t have any milk content, or contact them for certification info.

Thanks to our friends at PETA (UK) for the original recipe!

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