Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

fortnight-thumbnailFairtrade Fortnight is fast approaching so there is no better time to talk about the importance of the Fairtrade Foundation and why buying Fairtrade is better!

Since its beginning in 1997, Fairtrade Fortnight has been about emphasising the importance of buying Fairtrade alternatives to everyday products instead of going for the cheaper option which can come from companies that exploit their workforce, or from small farmers who are paid a pitiful amount of money for their produce making it difficult to live. It is to help us all understand that there is so much we take for granted that many people – especially those in developing countries – don’t have, and by paying a little bit extra for Fairtrade goods can significantly help.

While the efforts of the Fairtrade Foundation over the last 20 years have been incredible in terms of getting the public involved and promoting Fairtrade products – 78% of the public now recognise the Fairtrade mark – there is still a terribly long way to go. Currently only 1.2% of cocoa and less than 10% of tea globally is traded on Fairtrade terms, and frankly that is unacceptable. This means that large numbers of cocoa and tea farmers are paid tiny amounts for their produce, barely enough to live on so we need to continue buying fairly traded produce, and demand large companies pay a fairer price to small farm holders and suppliers to ensure a fairer system.
This year the Fairtrade Foundation wants to celebrate the impact of Fairtrade and turn the spotlight on producers, sharing their stories to show others the positive impact choosing Fairtrade has and how much it is still needed. By focusing on a few core commodities like cocoa, sugar and tea we can hopefully encourage more people to make even just one change in the next two weeks that can have a huge impact on producers.

fairtrade tea picker

Here at Ethical Superstore we are always trying to expand our range of Fairtrade Labelled products so we can offer you an alternative to every day products like tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate and other snacks to name a few. However, while Fairtrade Fortnight concentrates on Fairtrade Labelled products, it is important to include the companies and products that may not have certification but still do all they can to ensure their suppliers are fairly paid and that their employees in developing countries are not exploited, that’s why we have a range of Fair Trade products including clothes and jewellery that may not be labelled but are still fairly traded.

If you want to do more than simply buy Fairtrade, then you can organise your own event in the next two weeks to convince others that Fairtrade is better from fashion shows to food tasting – you’ll find a wealth of resources at the Fairtrade Foundations website.

Let us know what your favourite Fairtrade Product is below!

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  1. Leanne J says:

    I’d love to see Fairtrade gold and silver jewellery – it’s quite hard to find out there, but is a great alternative when buying treasured pieces 🙂

    My current favourite is the Ethletic Fairtrade shoes!

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