Fair Squared – For Fairer Sex

In a recent Facebook poll during Fairtrade Fortnight, we asked our followers which Fairtrade labelled goods would they buy.  The responses were plentiful but somewhat unimaginative with bananas being top, then coffee, tea and chocolate and not much else!

This lead me to think, “are bananas, chocolate and caffeinated drinks all anyone knows about Fairtrade?!”  Surely not!

Fairtrade can be part of ANY supply chain.  With it’s roots firmly working towards the well-being and advancement of humanity, its principles of fairness can be applied to almost anything.  It’s about consideration.  Where do the things we take for granted every day come from?  Under what conditions do those involved in the supply chain live?

Fairtrade LogoWhilst it’s easy to turn a blind eye, some organisations and businesses are dedicated to making a difference to this.  Their aim is focused on awareness, on education and again, on the future of the planet and its inhabitants.  Fair Squared are one of those businesses who have gone from strength to strength and are doing a sterling job for the cause.

Fair Squared was started from a group of people whose views, formed by the Fairtrade movement and great enthusiasm for justice in society, aim to bring exceptional, moral and up to date products to the market that are enjoyable, ground-breaking and of high quality, benefiting our producers and with minimal impact on our surroundings.


Fair Squared Ultra Thin Condoms

Fair Squared’s range of condoms are made from fairly traded, naturally sourced latex rubber from India and are manufactured in Germany to very strict, European safety standards achieving CE certification.  There’s a variety of choices, depending on your, let’s say intimate, preference.  From ultra thin for extra sensitivity to Max Perform with an integrated potency ring for enhanced and sustained!  Or you could go for Aroma, which are strawberry scented or good old original, whatever your choice, you can be sure that you’ll be having fairer sex with Fair Squared.


Skin & Body Care

Aside from the amorous, Fair Squared also turn their hands to skin care products, again seeking fair trade ingredients and paying close attention to the well being of their supply chain.

Made with either a natural (honey & olive) scent or sumptuous Almond, Fair Squared’s fairtrade moisturising hand cream is made from olive oil from Palestine, honey from Chile and added vitamin E to nourish and take extra special care of your skin.  With naturally gentle ingredients, this hand cream is perfect for dry or chapped skin.

They also make something called Fair Squared BB Cream, which stands for Blemish Balm.  Made from fairtrade Palestinian olive oil, vitamin E, panthenol and evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract Blemish Balm reduces redness, uneven skin pigmentation and attends to enlarged pores without clogging them.

And finally, we have Fair Squared Lip balms.  Perfect for protecting your lips from cold, wind and general exposure, they are a tasty alternative to mainstream lip balms.  From Vanilla to Citrus, on to Spearmint then Pomegranate, Fair Squared Lip balms will prove to be your lips’ best friend, all year round!

Head down to EthicalSuperstore.com today to see the full Fair Squared range alongside a wide selection of fair trade, organic, recycled and otherwise environmentally friendly products.

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