World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day

World Oceans DayOn World Oceans Day people around our blue planet celebrate and honour the ocean, which connects us all. World Oceans Day has been coordinated and promoted internationally by The Ocean Project since 2002. This year’s theme is around action to prevent plastic pollution and encourage solutions for a healthy ocean. The problem of ocean plastics and the devastating effects it can have on sea life (and also potentially the entire food chain, including us humans) has been known for years however the public seem to finally seem to be paying attention and things may be about to change for the good!

Millions of people over the world will be taking action for a better future and the elimination of single use plastics during the weeks around World Oceans Day on June 8. There are events across the globe and you can find one local to you on the World Oceans Day Events guide page.

A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. Every year, World Oceans Day provides a unique opportunity to honour, help protect, and conserve our world’s shared ocean.

The ocean is important because it:

– Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
– Helps feed us
– Regulates our climate
– Cleans the water we drink
– Offers a pharmacopoeia of medicines
– Provides limitless inspiration!

There are many ways you can get involved, and not just on the 8th of June, but all year round!

Promote the message

Tell your friends, family and work colleagues and encourage them to get involved. Share your thoughts on the plastic problem and create a buzz on social media around #WorldOceansDay and also #NotWhaleFood.
You can also download ‘Happy Word Oceans Day’ images for your Twitter and Facebook profiles from the World Oceans Day promotional page.

Support a Charity

WDCGive your support to marine charities such as Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). For 30 years WDC has been campaigning for the protection of whales and dolphins. As well as campaigning against whaling, ending captivity and ending bycatch, WDC are campaigning for action to be taken on plastic pollution in the oceans with the Not Whale Food campaign
Find out more about WDC.

Shop Plastic free

This may sound like a great idea until to step into the fruit and veg section of your supermarket and see all of the plastic wrapped fruit! Well supermarkets are beginning to finally bow to public pressure and make an effort to cut the amount of plastic being used. Pick the fruit which isn’t pointlessly wrapped up (and don’t put it in the plastic bags they provide!). Unfortunately you may not be able to buy all the fruit and vegetables you want in your supermarket so you should try your local green grocers or market, you are likely to find much more plastic free fruit and veg at a cheaper price and generally better quality.

We have a Plastic Free section on our site, so you can buy everything from environmental toothbrushes to shampoo bars.

Spend over £45 and we’ll donate £5 to Whale and Dolphin Conservation

To highlight World Oceans Day we give you the choice of £4 off your order OR a £5 donation to WDC (when you spend over £45) so the choice is yours, £4 in your wallet or £5 to support WDC!

Pick your promo code:

XWOD – £5 donation to WDC when you spend £45
X4WWD – Get £4 off for World Oceans Day (when you spend £45)

This offer runs until the end of Tuesday 12th June 2018!

Checkout Donations

If you are shopping with us, did you know you can make a donation easily to one of six charities, you’ll notice WDC first on the list throughout June.

Plan an event for World Oceans Day 2019!

Find out how you can create your own event,  clean-ups, festivals, film screenings and lectures. Or perhaps you could make a pledge for your local community, school or business to take action.

World Oceans Day has been coordinated and promoted internationally by The Ocean Project since 2002.

Keep an eye out for World Oceans Day 2021 coming soon on 8th June

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