Ukuva iAfrica (Meaning "The sense of Africa") was established in March 1996 when the traveller and his companion reached Cape Town.

“The full spectrum, awareness experience of Africa. It is beyond seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching - it is that part of Africa that resonates with our souls... that eventually becomes part of our DNA - so even when we leave Africa, Africa never leaves us”

In Jan 2012 Turqle Trading adopted the Ukuva iAfrica brand.

Many years ago some tribal women wore metal rings or beaded hoops around their necks to symbolise her (and her family's) status in society: the richer the family, the more rings a woman could wear. Joe Mufundi - a well known wire-artist - made this the inspiration for the wire bottle decorations that became the iconic Ukuva 'look". These days the wire necks and raffia tassles are hand made by "Cape Mental Health Society" - a work-haven for the mentally handicapped from the townships around Cape Town.

Turqle Trading is committed to fair trading - that is what it does - exporting fair and ethically traded foods from South Africa.