Timber Product Sourcing Policy

Where possible we favour the use of FSC certified or recycled timber sources in products we sell however whenever this is not possible for example a number of fair trade products we ensure it is sourced in accordance with the below policy.

Ethical Superstore require our suppliers to confirm that all timber and wood products:

  • Come from a known source
  • Sourced legally
  • Sourced from species not listed as threatened
  • Not sourced from countries in conflict (as identified/defined by the EU)
  • Not sourced from protected forests or areas (high conservation areas) as has been identified by government

We require suppliers exclude timber sources where:

  • The source forest is known or suspected to be of high conservation value, except where:
  1. The forest is certified or;
  2. In progress to certification under a credible certification system, or;
  3. The forest manager can demonstrate that the forest and/or surrounding landscape is managed to ensure that value is maintained.
  • The source forest is being actively converted from natural forest to a plantation or other land use, unless the conversion is justified on grounds of net social and environmental gain, including the enhancement of high conservation values in the surrounding landscape.
  • The material was illegally harvested or traded.
  • The material was traded in a way that drives violent armed conflict or threatens national or regional stability (what is commonly referred to as conflict timber).
  • The harvesting or processing entity, or a related political or military regime, is violating human rights.
  • The supplier does not support indigenous communities.
  • The source forest is unknown.

All products supplied to Ethical Superstore must be compliant with regulations applicable in the UK.