Timber Product Sourcing Policy

Ethical Superstore are committed to ensuring the products we provide are manufactured in an environmental and sustainable way. When sourcing paper and timber products we not only ensure the wooden products are legally harvested, and we also strive to offer sustainable and fairly traded woods.  

This policy applies to:

  • Timber products
  • Paper products from virgin wood fibre and recycled wood fibre sources

Not currently included in the scope of this policy:

  • Supplier product packaging
  • Non-timber forest products 

Any timber or paper products we sell must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Certified responsibly sourced
  • Recycled or reclaimed
  • Sustainably sourced where certification is not possible (we work with many small suppliers for whom the chain of custody is not financially viable)
  • Made from an alternative material (e.g. cotton paper, bamboo) 

Where possible we favour the use of certified responsibly sourced or recycled timber sources in products we sell however whenever this is not possible - for example several fair trade products - we ensure it is sourced in accordance with the below policy.

Ethical Superstore require our suppliers to confirm that all timber and wood products:

  • Come from a known source
  • Sourced legally
  • Sourced from species not listed as threatened
  • Not sourced from countries in conflict (as identified/defined by the EU)
  • Not sourced from protected forests or areas (high conservation areas) as has been identified by government

We require suppliers exclude timber sources where:

  • The source forest is known or suspected to be of high conservation value, except where:
    1. The forest is certified or;
    2. In progress to certification under a credible certification system, or;
    3. The forest manager can demonstrate that the forest and/or surrounding landscape is managed to ensure that value is maintained.
  • The source forest is being actively converted from natural forest to a plantation or other land use, unless the conversion is justified on grounds of net social and environmental gain, including the enhancement of high conservation values in the surrounding landscape.
  • The material was illegally harvested or traded.
  • The material was traded in a way that drives violent armed conflict or threatens national or regional stability (what is commonly referred to as conflict timber).
  • The harvesting or processing entity, or a related political or military regime, is violating human rights.
  • The supplier does not support indigenous communities.
  • The source forest is unknown.

All products supplied to Ethical Superstore must be compliant with regulations applicable in the UK.

Ethical Superstore will:

  • Review and update this policy periodically to ensure it reflects changing circumstances and new knowledge
  • Reference the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) appendices
  • Continue to work with suppliers to push the use of agricultural by-products and encourage suppliers to use credible third party certification schemes where feasible.
  • Increase our percentage of certified responsibly sourced timber products we source
  • Continue to work with carbon offsetting initiatives in their work of planting trees
  • Offer educational books and products supporting environmental organisations through product sales and help to further educate consumers through our marketing campaigns
  • Continue to ensure any packaging and marketing materials are made from recycled or certified sources
Updated August 2021