Vinylux products are created from vintage record albums that have been transformed into a variety of new designs. The original record labels are intact and represent some of the most popular music ever put on vinyl. They work with LPs and 45s, to create personal, unique gifts that bring vinyl records back into your home.

While literally billions of LPs still exist in the world, most are destined to become landfill before too long. Vinylux products take advantage of these obsolete piles of records and give new life to this neglected, but not forgotten, material. Over the past 5 years, they have recycled about 400,000 records - about 120,000 pounds of vinyl and cardboard. The off-cut vinyl from the products is collected by plastics recyclers and re-processed. Any non-usable album covers are collected for paper recycling. Vinylux is committed to using post-consumer materials whenever possible, as well as non-toxic printing inks and minimal packaging.

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