Post - It

If there’s one thing we like more than a good invention, it’s a good invention with a great story behind it.

It’s hard to imagine a stationery cupboard or a desk without an array of Post-It notes strewn about it, but the humble sticky memo pad came about by accident;

Having been frustrated with the flyaway slips of paper he was using to mark his page in his hymn book, Arthur Fry recalled the work of an old colleague, Spencer Silver. Years previously, Silver had been unsuccessfully working on formulating a strong adhesive – managing only to create a very weak glue that could be effortlessly removed. So, in an attempt to solve his bookmarking disaster – Fry applied a little of Silver’s adhesive to his slips of paper and hey presto! The Post It note was born.

More than 25 years later, Post It is still going strong and breaking into new ground with its new recycled range showcased here.

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