Gin Etc

Kitchen Provisions, a small and passionate team, is dedicated to all things foodie and hands-on engagement with customers. From cooking up delectable dishes to crafting delightful drinks, the team's enthusiasm extends to creating delicious results, especially with their Gin Etc kits. Whether it's sloe gin, a Love Potion, or a classic cocktail, each kit comes with informative instructions, meticulously tested to ensure optimal performance.
The goal is to inspire and facilitate a seamless start for customers. With a commitment to hands-on experimentation, Kitchen Provisions aims for you to hit the ground running when you open your kit. The team is confident that you'll relish their offerings as much as they do. Beyond Gin Etc kits, Kitchen Provisions boasts two physical shops in London, curating a selection of globally sourced kitchen paraphernalia. Every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure practicality and versatility, aligning with the team's dedication to preventing kitchen clutter with unused equipment.