Sometimes you come across something that changes your approach to your stuff, and that’s exactly what happened when Founder Chris Lefteri brought home what would later become FixIts whilst writing his first book in 2000. After using the material to fix things all around their home, they realised just how helpful this would be to other households.

The idea was workshopped and toyed with over the next decade and a half until former student of Chris’ and now Co-Founder of FixIts, Forrest Radford, joined the project to develop this idea into a consumer product.

They had a joint background in product design from central saint martins, a passion for materials and a shared vision. They have removed all single use plastics and replaced them with FSC or PEFC paper products from the journey between manufacturer to them. Now they’re working on how they can reduce the impact between raw materials and their manufacturers.

Made in the UK, Fixits are compostable too.