No animal testing

The most ethical products which can claim to be truly free from animal testing are those which use a Fixed Cut Off Date (FCOD) policy. This means that they do not conduct any animal tests at all, and have a policy of not using any ingredients tested on animals from a fixed date. The FCOD is widely accepted by anti-vivisection organisations across the world as the gold standard. Some companies operate the so-called ‘five-year rolling rule’ policy. This is not as ethical because, over time, it does not actually do anything to stop animal testing as an ingredient tested on animals in 2003 will be eligible for use in their products in 2008. Below are all of the products in personal care and cleaning product categories that have an FCOD policy.
You'll find great products from Faith in Nature, Pacifica, Good Bubble , BM Beauty and many more which have not been tested on animals.