UP-UP was born out of a desire to transform the chocolate industry, which is riddled with contradictions and hidden exploitation. Poverty often forces workers, including children, into harsh conditions with little pay and no opportunity for education. UP-UP aims to revolutionise this by creating a HUMAN FIRST chocolate industry that prioritises people over profit, opportunity over exploitation, and human welfare over corporate metrics. Partnering with slavefreetrade.org, UP-UP ensures that its cocoa supply chain is 100% slave-free. This means verifying not just the traceability of the cocoa beans but also the working conditions of every individual involved in the supply chain. Certified as the world’s first slave-free chocolate by slavefreetrade, UP-UP guarantees that every bar is produced fairly and honestly. Their mission is to create a chocolate industry free from all forms of exploitation, allowing consumers to truly feel good about the chocolate they enjoy. UP-UP is committed to turning the industry upside down, one delicious bar at a time.