Founded in 1994 by a University student with a passion for fine spices and delicious cuisine, Spicentice specialize in creating tasty spice combinations and easy-to-follow guides on how to create mouth-watering meals at home. Initially focusing on Indian cuisine, Spicentice has grown over the years to include classic dishes from around the world, with spice kits for Jamaican, Mexican, Cajun, Portuguese and much more.

Spicentice are firm in the belief that people can make their own Michelin-star restaurant quality food within their very own kitchens; all they need are delicious spices and the right recipe.

Spicentice also strongly believe in creating spice combinations that anyone can enjoy, with no unnecessary allergens or preservatives while operating to fair trade standards. Ingredients are sourced from growers and coops that do not exploit their workers and ensure that each one earns a fair wage.