Our Tiny Bees

Our Tiny Bees is a family run business working with too many beekeepers to mention, and following a few ‘rules’ that have seen them grow over the years.

Rule 1 - If it isn’t useful – it doesn’t go in. When they make products they make them useful. They could easily make a jar of exotic smelling, chemical filled, environmentally disgraceful goo, and with a nice label charge you a fortune for it, but they don’t.

Rule 2 - If it doesn’t make them happy, they don’t do it. Working directly with British beekeepers who supply them with 100% British Honey and Wax, and where they can, buying English essential oils.

They find nice, effective goodies (nut oils, nut butters, seed oils and essential oils) and blend them to create something that works, producing artisan skincare packed full of naturally effective ingredients and they charge a fair price. No animal testing is conducted on their products or any of their ingredients, and where possible their packaging is widely recyclable or better still re-usable.  The Honey and Beeswax is harvested from what the bees don’t need.