New Consumer

New Consumer Limited is a publishing company based in Scotland. Our head office, editorial office and advertising office are all based in Edinburgh. New Consumer exists to champion the cause of fair trade throughout the world, and to ultimately change people's shopping habits by showing them what's on offer. It also provides an idealistic vision to inspire hope for trade justice and equality.

Some of the stories are about brilliant people who have been able to create a living through their own determination and often against great odds. New Consumer also tells the story of what happens when the rich of the world come together with the poor to form partnerships which benefit everyone.

The magazine intends to be positive in what it says: yes, the world can be an unfair place, and sometimes we highlight what uncaring companies are up to, but in the main we emphasise what you can do to help some of the world's poorest people, just by changing your shopping habits.

New Consumer is independent of any religious or political groupings, although we actively support and champion the cause of likeminded groups and organisations, namely those involved with fair trade. New Consumer is here for you.

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