Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters is a UK based company specialising in mini push scooters, with many different ranges for children and adults. The company was created over 8 years ago by two mothers, one of whom stumbled across a mini micro while walking on Clapham Common with her son. She decided the scooter would be a fun and safe way to get her son out and about while she manned the buggy, keeping everyone happy!

After buying mini micros for her friend’s children, and their friend’s children, the founders met with Micro’s CEO Hans Peter Bolliger in Zurich and convinced him to let them distribute the Mini Micro scooter in the UK, which then allowed them to set up the Micro Scooter website, giving them the means to deliver all around the UK. The story of Micro Scooter is one of a company that built itself up from practically nothing in order to help parents get their children out and about safely, bringing fun to the everyday school run, doing it in an eco-friendly manner by cutting down on packaging! And they even have a range for adults because the kids shouldn’t get to have all the fun!