Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society is a UK-wide community united by a shared love for the ocean, striving collectively for a vision of a thriving sea teeming with life and benefiting both nature and humanity. In response to the current ocean crisis caused by human activities, the organisation is resolute in addressing this challenge by collaborating with communities, businesses, and governments. Through endeavours such as beach cleans and pollution prevention campaigns, they actively contribute to creating a cleaner, better-protected, and healthier ocean. Using scientific insights, they monitor water health, advocate for improved environmental regulations, and champion the cause of securing habitats for species' recovery. With a commitment to achieving a minimum of 30% of effectively managed UK waters by 2030, the Marine Conservation Society plays a vital role in safeguarding wildlife and ecosystems. Additionally, they promote sustainable fishing practices, provide guidance through the Good Fish Guide, and support businesses in adopting conservation-minded approaches to seafood production and sourcing.