Koko Dairy Free

This family owned company takes great care in looking after their plantations, growing coconut palms the way nature intended and packing them within hours of being picked – always by human hands – to guarantee freshness, ripeness and the highest quality.

They’ve been growing coconuts for over thirty years so it’s fair to say, they know quite a bit about them! They harvest more than one million coconuts every day and transport them gently around their plantation by boat… it’s nice to be nice to your coconuts after all!

Koko was started in 2010 and were the first UK company to make a coconut-based alternative to dairy milk.

Using their exclusive coconut know-how they created a milk that tastes remarkably close to semi-skimmed dairy milk: Koko Dairy Free Original. It was so successful they expanded their range and introduced even more milks as well as alternatives to yogurt, cheese and spread.

The love they have for this fantastic fruit* goes way beyond their name.